11th Feb 2019

Lavish Definition: 



adjective: lavish

  1. 1.
    sumptuously rich, elaborate, or luxurious.

    "a lavish banquet"

    synonyms:sumptuous, luxurious, luxuriant, lush, gorgeous, costly, opulent, grand, elaborate, splendid, rich, regal, ornate, expensive; More
    • (of a person) very generous or extravagant.

      "he was lavish with his hospitality"

      synonyms:generous, liberal, bountiful, openhanded, unstinting, unsparing, ungrudging, free, munificent, handsome; More
      antonyms:frugal, mean
    • spent or given in profusion.

      "lavish praise"

      synonyms:abundant, copious, ample, superabundant, plentiful, profuse, liberal, prolific, generous;

      "lavish amounts of the best quality olive oil"



verb: lavish; 3rd person present: lavishes; past tense: lavished; past participle: lavished; gerund or present participle: lavishing

  1. 1.
    bestow something in generous or extravagant quantities on.

    "the media couldn't lavish enough praise on the film"

    synonyms:give freely, spend, expend, heap, shower, pour, deluge, give generously, give unstintingly, bestow freely;

    "she has always lavished money on her children"

    antonyms:economize, begrudge
    • cover something thickly or liberally with.

      "she lavished our son with kisses"


late Middle English (as a noun denoting profusion): from Old French lavasse ‘deluge of rain’, from laver‘to wash’, from Latin lavare .

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